Application For Membership

  • You must be 18+ years old
  • You must have a genuine interest in the art
  • You may be required to demonstrate magical knowledge and / or ability
Please follow he steps below:
  1. fill in and submit the application below
  2. check for a verification email
  3. verify your email by clicking on the link within the email
  4. our membership secretary will arrange to meet with you to further ascertain your level of interest in the magical arts
  5. our membership secretary can then propose you to the committee for consideration of membership
  6. the committee will approve or reject your membership as deemed appropriate for the members of the society
  7. rejection may be on a temporary basis giving you a chance to further prove your skills / interest in magic
  8. acceptance will require the membership fees to be paid at the next meeting that you attend


I promise and agree:
[1] to abide by the Cotswold Magical Society Rules
[2] not to intentionally disclose any magical secrets or principles other than to other members of the magical fraternity.
[3] not to copy or infringe any original effect or routine, without the intentional consent of the originator or owner.