Programme of Events

Cotswold Magical Society - 2016 - 2017
Doors open at 7.30pm for a 7.45pm start time.

Event Date Event Type Event Detail
18/10/2017 Club Night Three Lecturettes

Back for its third appearance in as many years is the always popular night when three (or more – c’mon, folks, you know you want to) of our members each gives us a mini lecture on a topic of their choosing.  Always fun, always varied. 

01/11/2017 Star Lecture Chris Wood

Having been mentored by Alan Alan, Chris Wood is an accomplished performer who runs The Magic Circle Close-up shows, and you will invariably find him in the club room on a Monday night, sharing and refining presentations for effects.

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Chris returns to the Cotswold Magical Society with his second lecture, focussing on the WHY much more than the HOW behind some of the routines from his working repertoire.

15/11/2017 Club Night Stand Up for Cards

No table available. And not mix and mingle.  Instead, what card tricks (poker- or jumbo-sized) have you, do you or would you perform in a parlour environment or on a stage? And let’s try to stray a couple of steps off the beaten path. Hopefully we’ll all have a few options, so if Member A opens with the Invisible Deck, Member B will have something other than the Invisible Deck to show us. Anyone fancy demonstrating some back-palming?

06/12/2017 Club Night Christmas Party

Come and join us for our most informal meeting of fun and laughter, games and competitions, food and drink. Merry Christmas, one and all.

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03/01/2018 Club Night From Your Bookcase

I’m sure we all have a favourite book (or books) from which we’ve taken a favourite trick (or tricks) and made it a staple of our acts.  Tonight is the chance to introduce us to those books and those tricks. Tell us what makes them especially valuable to you (or to us!) Present as many or as few items from the book as you wish. Stand-up, stage, close-up, kids; the choice is yours. Variety is the spice of life – and a good bookshelf.

07/02/2018 Club Night Close-up Competition

Hopefully Christmas wasn’t a blur of food, drink and festivities. Hopefully some of us were devising our 10-minute close-up act to be presented tonight.  The Hugo Cup awaits the victorious magician who manages to entertain and amuse the three tables with their close-up magic. Last year Andy Cole took home the trophy.  Will it be you this year? Let (friendly) battle commence.

 (Note that this is the date by which resolutions must be received by the Secretary for them to be considered at next month's AGM.)

07/03/2018 AGM Annual General Meeting

Members are invited to attend the club’s AGM, where resolutions for changes to the constitution or the running of the club will be discussed and either approved or rejected. Have your say in how your club is run.  Resolutions must be received by the Secretary by 7 February at the latest for them to be considered at the AGM.

21/03/2018 Star Lecture John Kimmons

John ‘Kimmo’ Kimmons is a world-famous (and world-class) family entertainer. In 2008 he was awarded the title of Children's Entertainer World Champion and became the first children's act to receive the prestigious Ken Dodd Award for Comedy at the Blackpool convention. Since then he has travelled the world as guest entertainer on some of the world's largest cruise liners, performed twice at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and made television appearances on CBBC's The Sorcerer's Apprentice and The Slammer. He is a resident entertainer at Cadbury World and is in constant demand as a performer and lecturer.