Programme of Events

Cotswold Magical Society - 2016 - 2017
Doors open at 7.30pm for a 7.45pm start time.

02 May 2018

Marcus Eddie


Growing up overseas as part of an Air Force family, Marcus did not have access to magic shops or clubs. Using a magic set he received as a gift from his parents and the few magic books he could find in the school library, Marcus began teaching himself the craft when he was just 12 years old. Building his illusions from toy boxes, tape and everyday items, Marcus took his childhood passion and turned it into his career.

Today, he is an eight-time award-winning magician, including his win on the Syfy Channel’s magic competition, Wizard Wars, he appeared on Penn & Teller Fool Us, headlined at The Magic Castle, is the creator of several products on the market, and consults for magician's worldwide, including David Blaine on his last special, Beyond Magic.

Marcus shows how to turn objects like toothpicks, glasses and rubber bands into moments of magic and shares some of his crazy methods and creations. Also, He talks about creating magic for companies, his experience performing and creating magic on TV and consulting for magicians like David Blaine. Marcus Eddie's original magic will leave you stunned!

23 May 2018

Martin Duffy


Martin Duffy started his professional career as a children’s entertainer at a private holiday camp when he was 21 and has been a full time professional children's entertainer in the Newcastle area since 1986. In recent years, he has made a name for himself for his shows for schools and has developed special educational magic shows covering themes such as environmental issues, mathematics, science, healthy eating, road safety and ‘stranger danger’. 

In 2017, he gave a 15-minute power presentation on the subject of Magic in Schools at the Trix in the Stix. This year he launched his Maths Magic Show course, limiting it to 100 magicians worldwide, and it sold out within a week.  We are very lucky to have secured Martin to present his full Magic in Schools lecture for us at the Cotswold Magical Society.  Please note the unusual date for this lecture – not the first or third Wednesday in the month, but the fourth Wednesday.

06 Jun 2018

Andi Gladwin


Perhaps Andi Gladwin’s greatest trick is how he divides his time between being a professional close-up magician, magic creator, Genii columnist, co-founder of Vanishing Inc. Magic and lecturer.  His Master Pushoff and Multiple Revelation Project DVDs were best sellers and received rave reviews in all major magic journals. Over the past year Andi has lectured at the biggest conventions in the world including The Session, Blackpool, FISM, Magi-Fest, The Genii Convention and many more.  Do not miss this lecture !!

20 Jun 2018

Club Twinning – Visit from the British Magical Society


Through the offices of Bob King, member of the Cotswold Magical Society and president-elect of the British Magical Society, we have arranged a pair of club twinning evenings.  This evening we can sit back and enjoy entertainment provided by the BMS. The evening will begin with close-up magic at a number of tables in the club room, and after a small buffet provided by the CMS, the BMS will then put on a show of platform magic.  In October, it will be our turn to visit the BMS and entertain their members in a similar fashion.

04 Jul 2018

Michael Colley - Magical History Tour


CMS member Michael Colley presents his Magical History Tour lecture tonight. Michael is one of the leading lights at The Magic Circle, being chairman of the Young Magician of the Year Competition, and indeed he has published the definitive guide to that competition, The Young Magicians: The History of a Competition. It promises to be a fascinating look back out the history of our art.

01 Aug 2018

Marc Oberon


Marc Oberon needs no introduction. The World Champion at FISM in 2009, Marc is a Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle and the most highly awarded magician in British competitive history. In his lecture ‘Grips, Lines and Looks’, Marc reveals his complete system for choreographing and structuring performances to elevate them from simple tricks to powerful moments of real magic. It promises to be a full house, so get in early to grab the best seats.

05 Sep 2018

Stu Hodgson


Stu-Di-Doo is a full-time professional children’s entertainer based in the North of England but working  throughout the UK and beyond, with regular performances for clients such as Cadbury World, Center Parcs, and many more. This evening, Stu will be giving us the Stu-di-dos and the Stu-di-don’ts of entertaining children.

19 Sep 2018

Ice Cool with Alex


With the exception of the Double Lift in all its variations, the Elmsley Count (or, to give it its correct name, the Ghost Count) is probably the most used move in all of card magic.  Tonight we celebrate that count and its creator, the late Alex Elmsley. Dig out your deck or your packet tricks and show us your favourite routine using the Elmsley Count. Of course, we’d also be very happy to see anything else the great man came up with.

03 Oct 2018

Stand-up Competition


No sitting down on the job here.  Are you a stand-up kind of person? Happy to work on your feet? Then tonight is for you.  Hopefully you’ve spent the summer honing your 10-minute stand-up act into an award-winning frenzy of magical entertainment.  The compere for the evening will be last year’s winner, Tom Arnold, so let’s hope he has lots of entrants to introduce, all looking to walk off with the Sylvestre Wand (named after our club's co-founder, George Sylvestre) and the title the Cotswolds’ Stand-up Magician 2018.

09 Oct 2018

Club Twinning – Visit to the British Magical Society


Having hosted the British Magical Society in June, it is now our turn to visit them and put on an evening’s entertainment for their members.  Please note the date, Tuesday 9 October. We will be looking for volunteers to perform close-up and stand-up magic in the BMS’s clubroom.

07 Nov 2018

Blast from the Past


Time to dust off those long-forgotten classics.  Is there a once-popular routine that is just not performed anymore? Or a routine that was a staple of your repertoire in days gone by but which, for whatever reason, you have dropped from your act? Or perhaps there is an effect that was one of your favourites but which you never found the time or inclination to put into your act? Tonight is your night, because we’re looking for blasts from the past, once-revered tricks that have lost their place in the modern world of magic but which maybe deserve another look.

05 Dec 2018

Christmas Party


Join us for our celebration of all things festive.  Fun and games, music and laughter, food and drink, not to mention the club raffle, secret Santa, and probably one or two surprises along the way.

02 Jan 2019

Production Values


Magicians are supposed to be able to create things from nothing or from nowhere.  Tonight, we ask you it prove it.  What will you produce on the night? A rabbit? A dove? A fan of cards or coins from nowhere? Silks from a tube or scarves from a box? The opportunities are virtually endless, so let’s see some variety – either from your acts or from your imaginations.

06 Feb 2019

Close-up Competition


Reigning close-up champion David Prowse wil host our 2019 Close-up Competition evening.  It's one of the few nights when we invite the public into our club to see some intimate magic pefromed by our club members, each hoping to impress the judges and walk off with the title of Close-up Magician of 2019.  Get practising, and we'll see you on the other side of a close-up mat. Good luck everyone.

20 Feb 2019



Let's face it. We all do it.  A £5 for a £20. A shuffled deck for a stacked deck. One packet of cards for another. A blank billet for a prediction billet. An empty can for a can full of spring snakes.  Whether you perform close-up, or on a platform or stage, kids magic or mentalism, at some time you'll switch something for something else - usually something innocent for something the audience still believes is innocent (but is far from it!) The switch might be sleight of hand, it might be a gimmick. It might be nothing more than misdirection, or it could be a complicated mechanical device. Whatever it is, show us. Let's try to cross-pollinate from one field of magic to another.  Like I say, we all do it, so let's share our switching techniques.