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The Cotswold Magical Society has been meeting since 1943. No doubt our founders didn't predict the coming of DVDs, YouTube, digital streaming, webinars, Skype, and all the other means by which today's magician's can share their magic. And yet, despite all these modern media channels, all around the world magicians still meet face-to-face to discuss the latest in magic trends, to demonstrate new magic tricks, to share magic techniques, and to develop the secrets of an art that is as old as the pyramids. In our little corner of the magic world, we meet in Gloucester on first and third Wednesdays of the month to continue the tradition of sharing and improving our magic.

Our meetings are friendly and informal, and within our membership we have all standards of performance - from amateurs to semi-professionals to full-time pros, from beginners to the very experienced. Our members come from a diverse range of backgrounds and bring with them interests and experience in all the varied branches magic. Here on our website you'll find our Programme of events for the current year, and you'll see that we attract lectures from some of the biggest names in magic from the UK and beyond. In the past we have had world champions of magic visit our clubroom, and I'm proud to say that this year we will again have a world champion coming to talk to us about his magic and to share the secrets that helped make him a world champion of magic.

We have club nights, too, when we focus on a range of subjects from close-up and card magic to stage effects, from mentalism to performing for children. These evenings give us the chance to perform our magic in front of a friendly but knowledgeable audience, to receive constructive feedback on our performance and our technique, and to consider different and occasionally better or more entertaining ways of presenting magical effects to the public. And scattered throughout the year you'll find regular events such as our two annual competitions at which our members compete for trophies, as well as more social events such as our Christmas party.

Here, you can also find contact details of magicians to book for YOUR party, the officers who manage our club to get the best from it for its members, and a brief history of how and when we were formed by two of the biggest names in magic at that time. Take a look around and, if you like what you see and would like to learn more about us, drop me a line at or give me a call on 07708 251312. You'll be very welcome. I look forward to hearing from you.

Fraternal kind regards

Peter Kidd
President, The Cotswold Magical Society

Next Star Lecture: Michael Colley - Magical History Tour

04 Jul 2018


CMS member Michael Colley presents his Magical History Tour lecture tonight. Michael is one of the leading lights at The Magic Circle, being chairman of the Young Magician of the Year Competition, and indeed he has published the definitive guide to that competition, The Young Magicians: The History of a Competition. It promises to be a fascinating look back out the history of our art.

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Star Lecture nights cost £10 on the door to non-members
Club nights - £5 on the door to non-members
Members - £2 on the door for Star or Club nights
You can attend up to 3 meetings before requiring membership

20 Jun 2018

Club Twinning – Visit from the British Magical Society


Through the offices of Bob King, member of the Cotswold Magical Society and president-elect of the British Magical Society, we have arranged a pair of club twinning evenings.  This evening we can sit back and enjoy entertainment provided by the BMS. The evening will begin with close-up magic at a number of tables in the club room, and after a small buffet provided by the CMS, the BMS will then put on a show of platform magic.  In October, it will be our turn to visit the BMS and entertain their members in a similar fashion.

01 Aug 2018

Marc Oberon


Marc Oberon needs no introduction. The World Champion at FISM in 2009, Marc is a Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle and the most highly awarded magician in British competitive history. In his lecture ‘Grips, Lines and Looks’, Marc reveals his complete system for choreographing and structuring performances to elevate them from simple tricks to powerful moments of real magic. It promises to be a full house, so get in early to grab the best seats.

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